Does Vaseline make your eyelashes grow faster?

You’re not alone if you desire long, voluminous eyelashes yet continually make mistakes or have trouble maintaining eyelash extensions. Several eyelash serums, oils, and creams are available that promise to give you the long lashes of your dreams, but they can be expensive. Does Vaseline make your eyelashes grow faster? the answer is: no petroleum-based substance may hasten or thicken the growth of eyelashes. However, Vaseline’s ability to trap moisture has some advantages for eyelashes, giving them a fuller, healthier appearance.

Let’s look at several safe ways to moisturize skin, hair, and even the delicate eyelid and lash skin with Vaseline.

Does Vaseline make your eyelashes grow faster?


Many wonders if   Vaseline makes your eyelashes grow faster because its ingredients are known for their capacity to lock in moisture and form a barrier on the skin that keeps out bacteria and other contaminants.

Vaseline won’t make your eyelashes grow much longer or thicker, but it will protect the skin’s outer layer when you get a scratch or scrape when the skin is broken.

How does Vaseline work?

Understanding how to grow eyelashes using Vaseline may help if you have some history. Petrolatum, often known as petroleum jelly, is the material that is a byproduct of the extraction of crude oil. Oil rig workers who noticed a persistent buildup of a thick, jelly-like residue on oil refinery equipment and at the bottom of spent oil barrels made the initial discovery of the substance in the 1860s. Make sure to use Vaseline only after washing your hands and face completely if you use it on your natural eyelashes (never with lash extensions!). This lessens the possibility of dirt or bacteria getting stuck in your eyelashes and causing a skin response, outbreak, or infection.

These advantages are desirable

Vaseline makes your eyelashes grow faster and can produce reliable beauty results, even though it isn’t Miracle Grow for your lashes.

Plump the jam up

The amazing capacity of petroleum jelly to keep moisture in the skin is one of its superpowers. It accomplishes this by forming a surface barrier preventing fluid leakage. Such care is beloved by really dry skin!

Vaseline can also give your lashes a beautiful, luscious appearance. Even dry eye patients are advised to use it as part of their therapy regimen.


Vaseline is inexpensive and readily accessible. Compared to other skincare products, anyone can afford them without difficulty. In contrast to other cosmetics, they are used sparingly to maintain skin moisture.

Low probability of a reaction

Fewer ingredients in Vaseline cause your skin to react. Even if you use a small amount of it, it contains a lot of moisture.

However, before using Vaseline, talk to your doctor if you have extremely sensitive skin. Apply Vaseline on eyelashes with cotton rather than hands because there is a higher possibility of infection if you handle it.

Petroleum jelly rarely causes allergic reactions because it is widely used and receives almost little criticism.

Seal in moisture

Vaseline coats your skin with a barrier that keeps moisture in for a long period. Therefore, you can use it without any worry if you have dry skin. Additionally, you can use it on dry eyes.

How to Use Vaseline to Grow Eyelashes

Remove any previous mascara from your wand

Pick up a paper towel. If you use a soft tissue, you’ll probably end up with a worse mess than when you started. Dab the bristles of your mascara wand with the paper towel.

 Wash your wand

Now submerge your wand in warm water. Allow it to sit with the bristles completely soaked for 2-4 minutes. Any crusted mascara on your wand is loosened by doing this.

Put isopropyl alcohol to use

There can be some mascara stuck between the bristles of your brush after soaking it in warm water. To clean and sanitize your wand, wash the strands in isopropyl alcohol.

Take off any makeup

Cleanse your eyes, lashes, and face of any makeup. The Vaseline will be able to do its job more easily.

Put some Vaseline on your wand

Vaseline should be applied liberally to your wand. It frequently collects at the front of the bush in clumps. If this occurs, you must spread it evenly down your body using a damp paper towel.

Apply the jelly very gently to the skin of both your upper and lower lash lines. Just keep in mind that less is more. Apply a tiny quantity of Vaseline to your eyelashes using the clean end of the cotton swab to coat them lightly. Applying the jelly while blinking might help ensure that it covers every lash.

Wash it off in the morning

Wash the Vaseline off when you wake up. Try using a cleanser if you’re having difficulties getting Vaseline off your eyelashes. Given that it is oil-based, water might not be sufficient.

Hygiene and proper eyelash maintenance

It’s a popular misconception that trimming or cutting your eyelashes can make them grow longer.

Final verdict

Your eyelashes’ maximum length is determined by genetics, but there are techniques to encourage them to grow to their full capacity. One of the oils mentioned above can give the area a gentle five-minute massage to improve blood flow.

Take off all mascara and other eye makeup to maintain the health of your eyelashes and get rid of extra bacteria and germs.

Dermatologists claim that while this makeup trick is generally harmless, some potential hazards include skin inflammation. Vaseline on the eyelashes is safe and vaseline makes your eyelashes grow faster. But  Dr. Finney says he “wouldn’t encourage regular use.” Make sure your eyes are clean and buildup-free if you wish to make it a regular practice. Remember to cleanse your face every night before bed, especially if you’ve used a thick occlusive around your eyes like Vaseline.

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